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Did you ever think about the future of amateur radio? Will the hobby change with time and adapt to modern technology? Will the hobby still exist in 20 years, or will it be obsolete? How many active operators will still be on the air in the next decades? We are talking about the future of amateur radio!

Youngsters on the air is a highly motivated group of people of all ages and from all over the world working together tightly to make sure that there will still be somebody to answer your CQ call in the future. We ensure that there is a next generation of amateur radio enthusiasts which bring new energy into the hobby. The future of amateur radio rests on the shoulders of Youngsters On The Air but without your support amateur radio might die out in the next decades.

We bring together youngsters at events such as the YOTA summer camp where they learn and exchange about all aspects of amateur radio. Apart from this they learn how to get more youngsters interested in the hobby so that the ham radio youth community will grow at an even faster rate.

Got an existing Ham Radio Licence?

Flick us a message on our FB page and we will connect you up to our messenger chat group, on there we discuss anything and everything relating to Ham Radio plus more. We are also quite often heard of the HF bands 3.750Mhz – 7.157Mhz.

Alternatively, if you aren’t a licensed operator in New Zealand, please check out this page with all the information you will need to know rangeing from what the test consists of to where to get local help from.